VIDEO: Navy Runs Philly Special in Philadelphia for a TD Against Army

Kyle Koster
Army v Navy
Army v Navy / Elsa/Getty Images

In the first 29 minutes and 47 seconds of today's game against Army, Navy ran 24 rushing plays and zero pass plays. Their first aerial attack of the day was worth waiting for, though, as the Midshipmen dialed up their own version of the Philly Special for a go-ahead touchdown. In Philadelphia.

Wide receiver Chance Warren floated a pass into the hands of fullback Jamale Carothers for the score. Navy actually ran the same play last year with current quarterback Malcolm Perry lined up in the slot. That one ended with an incompletion.

Navy leads Army 14-7 at the half. There have been two total passes in the game, an 18-play scoring drive that lasted 10 minutes, and so many runs up the middle for three yards and clump of sod.

As God intended.