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Arkansas Pine-Bluff Coach Called Timeout Against Iowa State So His Players Could Run Sprints

Kyle Koster

Arkansas Pine-Bluff faced an uphill challenge last night in Ames against the Iowa State Cyclones. Solomon Bozeman's team was 1-7 entering the non-conference matchup and any small hope was quickly dashed, thanks in part it seems to the Golden Lions' inability to defend a fastbreak. After aTyrese Hunter runout made the score even more lopsided, Bozeman did what every sourdough coach has dreamed of doing. Make his players run sprints during the actual game.

Hell yes.

Save me the pearl-clutching about this being a hardo move. Asking players to run for 10 seconds more than usual on a gameday isn't going to cause any damage. It does, however, send a message. If you're not going to hustle while the ball's in play, then perhaps you can hustle when there's a stoppage.

And Bozeman did it on the road. With hostile fans looking on and trying to figure out what on earth was happening. Incredible stuff.

Arkansas Pine-Bluff has trips to both Baylor and Texas looming. Bozeman should stick to his guns and pull this motivational move out again if required. Make a name for himself by being the guy who makes players run suicides during television timeouts. It may not be productive but at least it's an ethos, man.