Arizona State Radio Broadcaster Jordan Simone Fired After Criticizing Herm Edwards on a Podcast

Stephen Douglas
Jordan Simone when he played for the Sun Devils.
Jordan Simone when he played for the Sun Devils. / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Four years into the Herm Edwards era at Arizona State and the Sun Devils have not turned into a national power. Sitting at 5-3 this season, the program is 22-16 during Edwards' tenure. Earlier this week ASU broadcaster and former player Jordan Simone appeared on the Speak of the Devils podcast and criticized Edwards, saying it just wasn't working and that the players were being "coached so poorly." Simone was fired the next day.

Here are his full comments, calling the team's last game, which was played in front of the '96 Sun Devils' Rose Bowl team, a "disgrace."

Simone must have learned a tough lesson here. You can't be this truthful if you get paid by the same institution you're criticizing. It makes for a less honest assessment of the situation, but well, yeah. That pretty much sums it up.