Substantial Argentine Delights a Nation With Quest to Get On Thing

Kyle Koster

Argentina bested France in penalty kicks to cap what scholars maintain was the greatest World Cup Final in history. The phrase "absolute scenes" is painfully overused but the victory sparked absolute scenes in Buenos Aires.

Among the hundreds of thousands of supporters having the time of their lives out there, a hero emerged. A rather substantial lad who wanted to join his friends on top of some thing, where the vibes looked immaculate. His struggle, combined with the kindness of commitment of strangers, created a magical moment with a great payoff.

Hell yeah, man. If you can't live your best life after Lionel Messi exorcizes all demons and cements himself as one of the all-time greats, when can you? Here's hoping you woke up feeling halfway decent this morning. If not, hell, this was worth it.