Are the Brooklyn Nets a Championship Team?

Kyle Koster
Al Bello/GettyImages

The Brooklyn Nets have had four bonafide superstars on their team over the past few years and the best they have to show for it is coming within a toenail of the Eastern Conference Finals. Kyrie Irving, who agrees that he is not a normal person, heroically opted to return to the borough for a boatload of money, meaning Kevin Durant is more apt to run it back. Throw in the walking question mark of Ben Simmons and you have another boom-or-bust scenario this upcoming year. So answering the question if they are a championship team is a bit tricky.

Brian Windhorst efficiently squared the circle this morning on Get Up.

That about sums it up. And there's no real metric that can change this until the Nets show those intangibles. Which a betting person should be apprehensive to bet on. ESPN could save time and energy by simply replaying this clip anytime Brooklyn comes up, yet there will be 10 months of dissection based on the most recent, shiniest data point.

Enjoy. Or don't.