New Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich an Absolute Monstrosity

Arby's / Rich Fury/Getty Images

Arby's is at the center of the discourse of the day, folks. Why that might be, you ask? Because they announced last night that they were bringing something called a Meat Mountain Sandwich to the menu.

And my god, is it a monstrosity of meats. The name somehow doesn't do it justice. I mean, come on.

Meat Mt. Everest, more like. I didn't even know this was legal. Absurd food item to purchase for what I presume is a low price. It's probably the size of both of my hands combined. The real question is if Justin Fields' hands are large enough to both palm a football and hold this here monster in one hand.

As they are wont to do, the general population of Twitter had some fun with it.

For my money, they're being a bit harsh. It's probably impossible to make a sandwich that both contains that volume of meat and looks good.