Arash Markazi Rips Awful New Rams Logo: 'I Have No Idea What They're Thinking'

Ryan Phillips
The new Los Angeles Rams logo
The new Los Angeles Rams logo /

Count Arash Markazi of the LA Times among those who hate the new Los Angeles Rams logo. Markazi was on with Costa & Richards on San Diego's XTRA 1360 and went off on the Rams for their new logo.

First, here's a refresher on what the logos look like, with the main one in the upper right corner:

Here's what Markazi had to say when asked what the Rams were thinking with the new look:

""I have no idea what they're thinking ... You didn't need to do anything. You literally needed to do nothing because you had a classic uniform, you had a classic logo, there was no reason to touch anything. I don't see the Cowboys, or the Steelers, or the Packers changing things. And maybe they don't view their franchise the same way (but) a lot of people in Los Angeles do. So what the heck are you thinking?"

Arash Markazi on XTRA 1360

I mean, he's got a fair point. The old Rams logo and uniforms were fantastic. This seems like a classic case of a franchise feeling like it has to do something because of its pending move into a new stadium.

Markazi's interview can be heard below. He joins after the 23-minute mark and talks about the Rams a few minutes later: