Antonio Brown, Who Brought Camera Crew to Workout, Accuses Saints of Publicity Stunt

Kyle Koster
Antonio Brown, noted critic of publicity
Antonio Brown, noted critic of publicity / Mark Brown/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints got nothing of value in exchange for bringing in Antonio Brown for a workout last week. At least over here on Earth One. On Earth Two or Planet Zorg or wherever the free agent wide receiver lives, they got some sweet, sweet publicity at his expense.

Brown criticized the team in a video posted to social media, where he likes to share his unfiltered thoughts with an increasingly numb public.

From CBS Sports:

"I know I got a really crusty tone lately," Brown said in the video. "But really I'm at peace. I just don't like the lack of respect in the world, you know? Everyone has deadlines. I guess the NFL don't have a deadline for me, so I appreciate Sean Payton and them guys for supporting me and bringing me out to work out. But I think it was a publicity stunt for them. Sean Payton know[s] the feeling of being left behind, not being able to interact with his team. I don't have a team. It is what it is. We don't seek comfort. We don't make excuses. I'm going to just keep committing to be the difference, 'cause I know I'm the difference."

Brown, it should be noted, brought a camera crew with him to the workout, something you definitely don't do for attention. Especially a guy like Brown, known to play things close to the vest.

Sean Payton and the Saints wisely chose not to incorporate this caravan of ridiculousness into the fold as the playoffs near. One wonders if they expected anything less in giving oxygen to this storyline, but oh well.

There are far bigger reasons why teams aren't beating down the door to sign up for the full Brown experience. Yet causing a headache for a side he's not even on is pretty impressive.