Antonio Brown's Contract Guarantees Could Be Voided by Patriots Under These Contractual Circumstance

Bobby Burack

Antonio Brown is under investigation by the NFL after being accused of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape. As shown by Albert Breer, depending on what they find out, this could result in Brown’s guarantees with the Patriots becoming, “null and void.”

Brown is expected to be at practice today but Mark Maske of the Washington Post is reporting the NFL will “give serious consideration” of placing Brown on the Commissioner-Exempt list while the investigation plays out, which The Big Lead mentioned as the most likely outcome last night. 

It’s important to note here, if found guilty of these allegations (right now this is a civil case), Brown will be facing much stiffer penalties than just losing his guaranteed money. Nevertheless, the Patriots have an avenue to recoup the money they’ve invested in Brown if the language of this contract does indeed mean what it seems to.