Antonio Brown Overruled in Grievance Case Over Helmet, Plans to Play Next Year

Liam McKeone

The Antonio Brown saga has accelerated at a shocking pace. What started as a mysterious trip to the foot doctor in the middle of last week ended with frostbite, poorly-painted helmets, and a threat to retire over using a different helmet by the time Saturday arrived.

Perhaps shocking isn’t the right word, because it is Antonio Brown, after all. Startling would be the word I’d use, simply in regards to the speed at which everything came together. Reports emerged around the same time that Brown had filed a grievance with the NFL over their enforcement of helmet rules and refusal to let Brown wear his own helmet. On Monday, we found out (not so shockingly) Brown lost his appeal, per Mike Jones of USA Today.

What this means is that it’s time to call AB’s bluff. He said he’d retire if he couldn’t use his helmet. There is now no possibility of using his own helmet without facing what would undoubtedly be stiff discipline from both his team and the league.

And he will officially not retire, as he posted on Instagram about the decision.