Antonio Brown Made an Album With Sean Kingston, Tells Some Crazy New Stories

Stephen Douglas
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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

What has Antonio Brown been up to? No one knows. In fact, no one had heard from Brown since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers. Until today when he posted a video to Instagram and spoke with TMZ. It turns out that Brown has been working on a rap album with Sean Kingston. Obviously.

Via TMZ:

""Going to be telling my story in these songs all truth..... I had the biggest police chase at fiu university campus. Mario Cristobal was the coach ask him!""

Brown is from Miami, but did not play for FIU. Hopefully, someone still asks Cristobal about this sometime this week as he prepares for the PAC-12 championship game. I'm sure he'd love to talk about it.

" "Or Me getting shot in the ear In the left ? In liberty city pink n grey projects! Then I walk on to CMU !!! 2020 ? records.""

Brown also says he was shot in the ear before he walked on to the Central Michigan football team. This should be an interesting story to hear while Sean Kingston croons in the background. Hopefully, Brown's new album has details about everything in his life and it helps the NFL determine whether or not he'll ever play again.