Antonio Brown Likes Disturbing Tweet Saying Mike Mayock Should Be Raped

Brian Giuffra

Antonio Brown’s exit from the Steelers was anything but amicable. The Raiders WR went from seemingly being happy playing in Oakland to reportedly confronting Raiders GM Mike Mayock at practice to outright asking for, and being granted, his release.

Well, while Brown has signed with the Patriots, and it was assumed he was ready to walk the straight and narrow, you know, the Patriot way, it appears he’s still harboring some seriously negative feelings for Mayock and is sharing them by liking a post that went after Mayock in a very horrible way.

For those who don’t want to click the tweet that Brown liked, here’s what it says (Warning NSFW): The most stupidest human popsicle on the planet he should never been hired as a GM I hope Antonio Brown when his money in arbitration then everyone would know Mike Mayock is a true prejudice asshole he should be raped in the ass then fire

I can’t imagine Bill Belichick is going to be happy about this and it doesn’t appear Brown has grown up much in the last 24 hours. While a like doesn’t fully count as an endorsement, favoring the Tweet, which the Big Lead verified he did, with that kind of language is pretty horrible. Rape isn’t something to joke about. Obviously I don’t believe that’s what Brown wants to happen to his former GM, but still, it’s pretty bad decision to like a tweet like that for the new Patriot.