Antonio Brown Isn't Going to Like the NFL's Official Statement on His Helmet

Brian Giuffra

The debate between Antonio Brown and the NFL over him using his old helmet appears to have reached a conclusion. At least from the NFL’s perspective.

The NFL’s Vice President of Communications, Brian McCarthy, released a statement early on Monday morning essentially saying Brown will have to use a new helmet or not play or get paid this year.

Not exactly the outcome Brown was looking for.

Brown, who wants to wear a 12-year-old Schutt Air Advantage helmet which NOSCAE won’t certify, reportedly had a grievance hearing with the NFL last week over his desire to use his old helmet. He said the new helmets the NFL requires players to use limit his vision. He also reportedly threatened the league, saying if he suffered a head injury using the new helmet, he would come after the league for damages.

Looks like the league isn’t interested in budging here. Nor does it appear to be moved by the prospect of a lawsuit.

There were reports Brown would retire rather than play in a new helmet. It appears we’ve reached the point where he’ll have to make that decision for himself. The NFL wouldn’t release this statement if it wasn’t prepared to follow through on its policy. The only question is whether Brown is now willing to follow through on his threats.