Antonio Brown is Not Worth it For the Patriots, Who are Beginning to Look Horrible for Having Him

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Antonio Brown's public image was yet again damaged last night. SI's Robert Klemko is reporting that Brown sent the source of his damning report from earlier in the week disturbing text messages that even included a picture of her children.

Brown is a great football player, everyone knows that. But if you combine everything we have learned about him over the past month, with everything we knew about him from his time in Pittsburgh, there is no denying his character, or lack thereof, has outweighed his positive impact on the football field. Brown is not worth it anymore for the Patriots and it is time for them to save their image and part ways with him.

Calling someone "bad," is often lazy and the easy way out of a more accurate description, but in this case, by all accounts, Brown looks to be a bad person. To be clear, this is the conclusion most would come to even if they didn't factor in that he has previously taped his coaches in private moments, got into it with his former general manager, acted like an imbecile with a doctor, quit on a football team, was accused of throwing furniture off a balcony on the 14th floor and turned into a complete bozo over a helmet rule.

To send that type of text, if he indeed did, shows us all we need to know about Brown. And given the ongoing sexual assault investigation, the type of attention he receives, and his recent actions, it's clear he has learned absolutely nothing. He doesn't get it, he has no self-awareness, and he is clearly not improving as a person. Instead, he is going in the other direction. When Brown's name comes up now, it's not for his plays on Sundays. It's either for inexcusable behavior or for allegations, that if true, should end his football career. And having him on their team is now raising questions about the Patriots as an organization.

At this point, putting Brown on the field is a sign that New England is okay with the way Brown has acted. There is no other way around it. That is where the Patriots are right now. And from a football standpoint, which is obviously far less important, they don't even need his services. This is the richest guy in the neighborhood accepting blood money just to get an inch richer.

Antonio Brown is toxic, is getting worse, is untrustworthy, and is being accused of horrific acts. At some point, the NFL, and any team that employees him, has to look themselves in the mirror and realize the message they are sending. He's not worth it right now. He should not have a job in the NFL. And it doesn't appear he is on the trajectory of someone that is going to prove otherwise anytime soon. This latest newsworthy embarrassment from last night should result in the end of his time in New England and the NFL for now.