Antoine Walker Has One of the Most Epic and Yet Boring Michael Jordan Gambling Stories

Stephen Douglas
Michael Jordan and Antoine Walker
Michael Jordan and Antoine Walker / TOM MIHALEK/Getty Images

Antoine Walker sat down to talk to The Stadium this week and shared a vague, but insane story about Michael Jordan's legendary gambling habits. According to Walker, Jordan celebrated a restaurant opening with a marathon gambling session. And expensive for someone.

This was in the early 2000s, around the time Jordan returned to play with the Wizards. He fell in a hole somewhere in the vicinity of $500,000 to $1 million and then spent the entire night digging his way out. Walker sat, watched, cheered and drank coffee with Jordan as he somehow ended up for the night by about a million.

Add Walker to the camp that argues Jordan has "a competition problem." When you have that much money, you can literally afford to lose $1 million in a single night. When you're competitive you can keep going without worrying that you'll lose another. That affords you the ability to end up winning a million and look like the coolest person ever.