Anthony Scaramucci Argues Logan Roy Is a Loving Father While Defending Donald Trump

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Anthony Scaramucci really needs to watch Succession more closely. While defending Donald Trump, the man who was White House director of communications for 10 whole days, tried to argue that Logan Roy is a loving family man, like Trump. I seriously question if he's actually watched the show.

The Mooch was on MSNBC Wednesday night and launched into a bizarre defense of Trump ... and the patriarch of the fictional Roy family.

Check it out:

I'm pretty sure the whole point of Succession is that Logan Roy probably thinks he loves his kids, but doesn't actually care about them. At every turn he puts his interests above theirs and repeatedly undermines them to maintain his own power. The point of the show is that for wealthy, powerful people, only wealth and power matter.

Comparing Trump to Logan Roy isn't the defense The Mooch thinks it is.