Anthony Rizzo, Unvaccinated Because He Was Waiting to See More Data, Tests Positive For COVID

Stephen Douglas
Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo / Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Anthony Rizzo is the latest member of the New York Yankees to test positive for COVID-19. Rizzo, a cancer survivor who turned 32 today, is unvaccinated, a fact he shared with the media while he was still a member of the Chicago Cubs. In his own words he was, "taking some more time to see the data in all of it." Here's Rizzo in June, via ESPN:

"This is bigger than baseball. This is a life decision. It weighed hard. It's a decision I made and I stand with, and obviously there are people that are going to hate me and think I'm disgusting. And there are going to be people that side with me, but it's out in the open."

"This is a big topic. There's a lot of lives being saved from this vaccine. There's a lot of people getting back to their normal life. That's what we want."

Please, please, please get vaccinated. Hopefully, Rizzo is OK and the worst that happens is he misses a couple weeks with some mild (or no) symptoms. Unvaccinated people make up close to all of the COVID-19-related hospitalizations right now.

The Yankees have won eight of nine games since trading for Rizzo. He joins Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery and Gary Sanchez on the COVID list. When Rizzo came out and said that he was unvaccinated, Cubs manager David Ross said that the team would try to "Keep the virus outside the locker room." The Yankees certainly intended that as well.