The Anthony Lynn Pearl Harbor Quote Isn't As Bad as It Could Be

Kyle Koster
Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

A 3-9 NFL football team can and should be compared to many things. The Pearl Harbor attack and subsequent resilience is not one them. Yet Anthony Lynn did just that during his availability today with those who cover the Los Angeles Chargers. It was one of those things you seen in tweet form and immediately know that the video is going to either make it infinitely worse or offer some sort of wiggle room.

Now, my guess would be that there are some people who are turned off by the connection here they can't stomach an explanation. But it really seems as though Lynn was not malicious and sloppily foisted a calendar-driven peg to his motivational tactics. In fact, a charitable reading can leave one with the impression Lynn was actually comparing the actual level of hardship in order to give a little perspective.

Also, perhaps this is a global brain take but it seems like if you're either getting mad 100 percent of the time over these clips or defending the person involved 100 percent of the time, it's probably best to check your outrage calibrator as there's not a tremendous amount of variance in circumstance.