Anthony Davis Was Good So the Lakers Won Game 2 and Are Now Favorites Again, Right?

Stephen Douglas
Anthony Davis helped up by his supporting cast.
Anthony Davis helped up by his supporting cast. / Pool/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are not in serious trouble after winning Game 2 of their opening round playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers. Turns out they still have LeBron James and Anthony Davis and will definitely win the series, but everyone thought the the Lakers were in trouble after they dropped Game 1.

Anthony Davis was unstoppable, scoring 31 points on 21 shots in 29 minutes to go along with 11 rebounds. He made three of four three-pointers and the Lakers shot 36.8 percent from distance after making just five of 32 in Game 1.

Meanwhile, the Blazers went the other way. Portland's starters were a combined 4-of-20 from three. Damian Lillard was held to 18 points, his lowest total since he scored 12 in March. Lillard still led the Blazers in scoring with CJ McCollum adding 13 points.

This game was never in doubt as the Lakers lead from the 8:33 mark in the first quarter. It looked just like a regular 1-8 matchup at Staples Center would look. Now it's a five-game series on neutral court. The best team should win. After one game, it looked like Portland. After two it looks like the Lakers. A season's worth of results says it will be the Lakers.

So... maybe we stop overreacting to every single individual game? Nah. In this setting, with just a single day off between every game we might as well get those takes in. Eventually one will be proven correct and the bad ones will be washed away in the wake of more basketball.