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Anthony Davis Won't Follow LeBron James With Jersey Number Change

Liam McKeone
Anthony Davis and LeBron Jamews
Anthony Davis and LeBron Jamews / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

LeBron James got some media coverage despite bowing out in the first round of the NBA playoffs when news leaked he was changing his jersey from the iconic No. 23 to No. 6. According to Yahoo!, it was a change long in the making; LeBron reportedly planned to change to No. 6 and give No. 23 to Anthony Davis after the trade that brought the superstar big man to Los Angeles went down in July 2019, but Nike nixed it because they had already made a lot of No. 23 James jerseys.

LeBron perservered, though, and will wear the No. 6 that he wore during some of his best years with the Miami Heat. The question lingering in some minds was about Davis, who wore No. 23 for his whole career leading up to the Laker trade. Will he, too, change his jersey number after a disappointing attempt at defending their 2020 championship?

The answer is no. Davis said during a Twitch stream last week that he was sticking with No. 3 because he wanted it to hang in the rafters at the Staples Center.

Anthony Davis Number Change

It makes sense. Maybe if the Lakers didn't win a championship in the bubble, Davis would be more open to it. But he won his first ring with No. 3 and he wants to stick with it.

That sound you just heard was the Nike sales team sighing in relief. Dealing with LeBron's jersey number probably caused enough late nights as is.