Anthony Davis Had a Strange Reaction to LeBron James' Record-Breaking Shot

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis / Harry How/GettyImages

LeBron James likely became the last holder of the NBA's all-time scoring record last night, drilling a fadeaway jumper to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Los Angeles Lakers' home floor. It was a great moment for everybody in the building. Except for Anthony Davis, who sat down before the shot and remained sitting as his teammates celebrated the historic moment.

Very weird at first glance. LeBron and AD, from all accounts, have a good working relationship. They'll go to bat for one another in the media and there is nothing to suggest there's any sort of brewing animosity that would lead to Davis sitting down during such a moment.

But to riff off Hanlons' razor, never attribute to malice what could easily be attributed to injury. Davis is perpetually banged-up and may as well be constantly limping around. He did look a bit hobbled walking back to the bench in the video above. He was coming back from somewhere, either the locker room or a quick treatment in the tunnel. Davis probably needed to sit. It doesn't have to be a statement.

But it will probably be taken as one. This League!

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