Anthony Davis Joined LeBron James for Taco Tuesday and It Was Very Loud


LeBron James arguably has it all but is still delighted by the little things, one of them being Taco Tuesday. The future Hall of Fame takes great joy in making his dinner companions identify both the day and meal being eaten, then posting video to social media.

Hey, whatever adults like to do in the privacy of their own home is fine as long as no one gets hurt. James had a very special guest over last night: a tall man named Anthony Davis who is his new teammate in Los Angeles.

Davis knew what time it is, which is a good sign. The Lakers will go further if everyone is rowing in the same direction toward a common goal.

I do have a few questions here.

The first: would dinning with legit NBA stars be worth it if you were forced to participate in this call-and-response rigamarole? It feels like a toughie. Maybe it’s a pride thing but performing on command as a condition of being served food is unappealing.

Also: that accent. What is it and are we 100 percent sure it’s not problematic?

Don’t want to cause any problems here but some 2019 sensors are going off.