Another Win for Tom Brady's Social Media Team

Kyle Koster
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Tom Brady has plenty of time free now that the burden of watching other teams play weeknight football has been cleared from his plate. So it's no wonder he's cooking up elaborate Tik Toks or whatever the preferred nomenclature is these days. Or, perhaps more accurately, he's tasking his cadre of social media mavens to create such gems.

Anyway, here without further ado, is Brady's lead-blocking mixtape set to the tune of Whitesnake.

What an athlete. This is exactly the type of work in speed and space scouts predicted after seeing him pose shirtless at the NFL Combine all those years ago.

Little stat here for the numbers nerds: this song was released when Brady was five years old. Most of his teammates were not alive yet.