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Another Extremely Uncomfortable Russell Wilson Subway Commercial Has Come to Light

Liam McKeone
Russell Wilson...?
Russell Wilson...? /

Russell Wilson tries very hard but his public-facing persona is just a little weird. Not trying to be mean about it but everything he says and does feels a bit off. Like he's trying to be what he thinks is a cool and laidback guy rather than actually being a cool and laidback guy. That is why there is such an infatuatiuon with his public persona among NFL fans, and that is why we bring your attention to yet another off-putting commercial for Subway Wilson did.

Behold, the Denver Broncos QB embracing his DangeRuss alternate ego once more:

As you can see, the tweet is a few weeks old but the video just started making the rounds today. It is unclear when or if this commercial aired as all attempts to Google it turn up the last weird Russell Wilson Subway commercial.

I'll say this much-- Wilson is an absolute content machine, both on and off the field. Remarkable production for a guy who has already established himself in the upper echelon of fame for NFL players.