Anonymous NFL Executive Strikes Again with Dumb Rationale for Why Patrick Mahomes Should Not Be MVP

By Jason Lisk

We are currently in “let’s give the MVP award to anyone but Patrick Mahomes” territory. Mahomes has moved into the lead in the MVP race, and yet you won’t find any shortage of people grading him on a steep curve compared to others. Mahomes has thrown 45 touchdown passes, and could finish with at least 50. The Chiefs lead the league in scoring. They haven’t scored fewer than 26 points in any game.

Tom Pelissero of did a poll of anonymous executives on various awards. Drew Brees got 10 votes to Mahomes’ 6, with Rivers getting 3 votes.

But the best was this executive and his rationale for going with Todd Gurley:

"“The numbers are just ungodly (for Mahomes). But how much of it is Andy Reid?” an AFC executive said. “The threat of that f—— running game is what makes all of that s— work in L.A. So I’m saying Gurley.”"

Every great player that puts up big numbers does so in part by the system and coaching, and the teammates. Drew Brees and Sean Payton have been together for 13 years. Todd Gurley rushed for 882 yards at 3.2 yards per carry the year before Sean McVay became coach of the Rams. Meanwhile, Alex Smith set his career high with 26 touchdown passes a year ago in Andy Reid’s system, a number that Mahomes might double this year. If you’ve watched at all, you know that while the offensive system is great, he also manufactures plays that rip the soul out of teams, and that not many could pull off.