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Anonymous NFL Coach Thinks the Cowboys Should Give Ezekiel Elliott Some of Dak Prescott's Money

Stephen Douglas
Dak and Zeke
Dak and Zeke / Harry How/Getty Images

Dak Prescott finally got his monster contract this offseason. With a new four-year $160 million deal Prescott will be one of the highest-paid players in the league over the next few years. Most of the top salaries in the NFL belong to quarterbacks. On a list of the top average salaries going into this season, the top 11 highest-paid players are quarterbacks. That's how the NFL works. Yet somehow ESPN's Jeremy Fowler found an anonymous football person who thinks the Cowboys should redistribute some of Prescott's money to Ezekiel Elliott.

"They need to give Zeke some of Dak's money," an AFC defensive coach said. "He scares you the most on that offense."

Tell me you should never work in an NFL front office job without telling me you're never going to work in an NFL front office.

Ezekiel Elliott is the highest-paid running back in the NFL, which makes him about the 54th highest-paid player in the NFL. Running backs are, to put it bluntly, expendable. Zeke gets paid extremely well for a running back, but that could end after next season. Especially considering he was the 11th leading rusher last season and was tied for the 25th-most rushing touchdowns.

You have to wonder who this coach is. Did he perhaps have to prepare for the Cowboys last season when Prescott was injured? That actually might explain it.