Announcers Spend 37 Seconds Roasting Russell Westbrook's Outfit Before Trying to Aboutface

Brian Giuffra
Russell Westbrook's outfit.
Russell Westbrook's outfit. /

Russell Westbrook pushes the fashion envelope on a nightly basis. Why wouldn't he do the same on a night where he was off? He did and a couple of announcers showcased some bad humor as a result.

While sitting out of the Rockets game against the Hornets on Saturday for load management, Westbrook wore a suit jacket and button up with shorts. Apparently these announcers had never experienced such a thing and decided to spend over half a minute attempting (and failing) to roast Westbrook's outfit choice.

After their jokes got progressively worse, they tried, in the end, to turn things around, saying "he looks sharp tonight" and then traveling down the self-deprecating humor route with some further bad jokes about their legs. Fail.

On a scale of 1-to-outrageous, this outfit doesn't even register for Westbrook. Quite frankly, it's tame. But perhaps Rockets GM Daryl Mooney was on to something when he called out NBA announcers for "hate watching" the game and not propping it up the same way NFL announcers do. If these two failed comedians can't appreciate a standard outfit from Westbrook, what can they appreciate?