Angry Bagel Shop Guy Has a Truly Insane YouTube Account


Yesterday the world was introduced to Chris Morgan, the intensely angry, short bagel shop customer who went viral after berating women and men at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore, New York. I can’t adequately describe the video, you just have to experience it for yourself.

Warning, it is NSFW:

Here’s the follow-up video:

The 45-year-old divorced cleaning company owner is likely one of the most uncharismatic people on the planet. That said, the diminutive ball of vitriol seems to harp on the fact that women on dating sites reject him because of his height.

Well, I mean, we all know those rejections couldn’t be as a result of his sparkling personality.

Well, if you thought this was Morgan’s first incident of this type you’d be oh so wrong. He has an entire YouTube account that is utterly insane. Several videos feature him entering businesses and berating workers, foreigners and women.

Yep, it’s definitely his height that’s preventing him from getting a date. The most disturbing part of Morgan’s YouTube page? He records all his videos in vertical mode, not horizontal. He’s a monster.