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Did the Angels, Losers of 11 Straight, Debut Their New City Connect Jerseys on the Beach From 'Old'?

Stephen Douglas

The Los Angeles Angels debuted their new City Connect jerseys today. The team released images from a photoshoot along with a video narrated by John Stamos. The uniforms are nice enough but there may be something troubling hiding in plain sight in the pictures. Mainly, is that the beach that makes people age super fast? Decide for yourself.

As you can see from this video, the photoshoot most definitely took place on a picturesque and secluded beach. Around thirty seconds into the video Mike Trout can be seen walking into what looks like a cave, just like in the movie Old. Was he trying to escape? Was his prime disappearing or being wasted like hours were turning into days and years the way that the Angels have gone seven consecutive seasons without a postseason appearance?

The good news is that Shohei Ohtani knew enough to stay away from this location. So while his teammates will continue to wither (they've lost 11 straight), Ohtani will remain young, virile and lead them in hits and strikeouts thrown.