Angels Deactivate Mike Trout For Remainder of Season

William Pitts

The past two weeks have seen a glut of season-ending injuries to baseball’s best and brightest young stars, so it was only a matter of time before baseball’s wonder-boy, Mike Trout, was next.

Trout has not played since September 7, as he has been dealing with persistent pain in his right foot, but he remained hopeful that he would return to the Angels’ lineup before the end of the season. That hope disappeared today, according to this message from the team.

The announcement came less than 24 hours after Trout himself suggested that he would return to play as early as tomorrow. Angels manager Brad Ausmus floated the possibility of activating Trout as a designated hitter, but when he worked out on Friday, he had trouble putting his game cleats on.

The Angels are out of the playoff race, so Trout’s presence would not help the team on that front either way.