Angel Hernandez Is Poised to Ruin Dodgers-Padres Series

Ryan Phillips
Angel Hernandez, New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
Angel Hernandez, New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Angel Hernandez, the undisputed worst umpire in Major League Baseball, has been assigned to work the National League Division Series. Yes, the same man MLB has outright admitted is a terrible umpire will be involved as the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the San Diego Padres. You know he's just chomping at the bit to ruin games in this series and make himself the center of attention.

We've been over this numerous times, but Hernandez loves nothing more than screwing up games and injecting his horrendous personality into them. He's the absolute worst thing in baseball right now. As it stands, he'll be behind the plate in Game 2, which, I can already inform you, will be a sh*tshow.

Think I'm exaggerating? Check out his work from a single half-inning earlier this year:

Not convinced? Here are some of his greatest hits:

I mean, this guy had three calls overturned in the first four innings of a playoff game once. He's horrific behind the plate or in the field. There's absolutely no reason he should be employed, much less working a playoff series. Yet here we are.