CNN's Andy Scholes Inappropriately Says Painkillers Have Become Part of Tiger Woods’ Life

Liam McKeone
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tiger Woods was in a serious single-vehicle accident today. The news broke early Tuesday afternoon and Woods was rushed to the hospital after being pried from the car by a "jaws of life" device. Further details have yet to emerge, but the car itself is totaled and Woods' agent released a statement announcing Woods was already in surgery.

CNN covered the story and sports anchor Andy Scholes said he was "not surprised" by what happened because "painkillers have become a part of his life."

That is dangerous speculation coming from a reporter on a national network. We have no idea what happened here. Scholes did not say that painkillers were the reason for the accident (and nobody should unless proven otherwise), but to bring up Woods' well-documented past with substance addiction at that particular moment was extremely inappropriate.

Now is the time for everybody to sit tight and hope Tiger is okay. Details will emerge telling us how the accident occurred. Until then, any public discussion centered around connecting his past issues to the now demonstrates an extreme lack of empathy at best.