Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua Still Look Like a Mismatch at Saudi Arabian Press Conference

Stephen Douglas

Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua faced off today for the first time since Ruiz shocked the world by knocking out Joshua back in June. Ruiz and Joshua had a press conference to kick off a press tour to get you to buy the rematch, RUIZ JOSHUA 2: CLASH ON THE DUNES. Yes, it sounds like a new season of Real World / Road Rules Challenge.

Joshua still towers over Ruiz and their body types remain… opposite. Everything else basically looks the same. Well, except for one little difference. See if you can spot it. Here they are on May 30th:

And here they are today:

Did you notice the difference? That’s right. Anthony Joshua got new headphones.

Boxing, the sport where the winner takes all the loser’s belts. That’s why so many boxers wear sweatpants.