Andy Reid Needs a Windshield Wiper for His Face Shield (UPDATE)

Brian Giuffra
Any Reid face shield.
Any Reid face shield. /

UPDATE: Andy Reid's face shield has gotten progressively more clouded throughout the game as the weather turned rainy and humid.

The rest of this is the original report from pregame.

While the common move during our national pandemic has been to wear a cloth face mask, or at least by the educated citizens who believe in coronavirus, Reid went full plastic face shield for the Chiefs season opener against the Texans. The only issue is he's going to need someone coming by with a squeegee to clean that thing off every few minutes.

It's this kind of dedication that's going to keep the NFL season going for a full season.

In all honesty, I get why Reid is going with this look. Having a cloth mask covering up your face for an extended period of time is uncomfortable and leads to a sweat ring around your mouth. I can't imagine how bad it would be waddling around the Chiefs sideline making play calls for over three hours.