Andy Reid Ready to Grind as Only Andy Reid Can Grind During 2020 NFL Draft

Stephen Douglas
Andy Reid
Andy Reid / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Andy Reid has seized the opportunity and become the first meme of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Chiefs posted this picture of Reid in his "war room" wearing headphones and looking at his phone. You have to wonder if he is trying to find the Postmates app or trying to find out who is battling on IG Live tonight.

We got our first look at Reid's home office a few weeks ago, and it doesn't look like he's done much to improve his set-up for draft night. Not that you can blame him. The Chiefs won a Super Bowl a few months back and don't pick until #32.

If he does anything besides take a nap for the three hours between posting this picture and calling in his selection, the rest of the league is in trouble.