Andy Reid is Rooting For Le'Veon Bell Despite Comments Because That's How He Rolls

Andy Reid
Andy Reid / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Andy Reid, by all reports, is perhaps the most well-liked man in football. He's beloved by fans from all areas of the country despite presiding over a dynastic team, which is a difficult line to walk. His current and former players sound like they would die for their coach.

Everybody loves Andy Reid. Except Le'Veon Bell, apparently. Bell made headlines over the weekend because he declared (rather unprompted) that he would rather retire than play for Reid again. Bell signed with the Chiefs halfway through last season but didn't produce much and then got all of two touches for the entirety of KC's Super Bowl run. That, presumably, is where his issues with Reid lie.

Reid spoke to media today as his team gathered for minicamp and gave a very on-brand response.

That is, indeed, how Reid rolls. He was never going to inflame the situation further, of course, but it's the best response possible.

Reid has bigger things to worry about than a washed-up running back complaining about him on Instagram. The quest to win the AFC for the third straight year begins now.