Patrick Mahomes Overcomes Andy Reid's Poor Clock Management With Game-Changing Touchdown Run

Bobby Burack
Patrick Mahomes, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Stop me if you heard this before: Andy Reid had a postseason clock management blunder. Also, stop me if you've seen someone drooling over a play via Patrick Mahomes that redefined the word "special." Because both just happened at the end of the first half against the Titans.

Possessing the ball, down 17-14, with a little over a minute left, Reid elected to let the clock tick down to less than thirty seconds despite having two timeouts. There are only two believable reasons for this decision: 1. He made a mistake with the clock under pressure (again), or 2. He thinks Mahomes is an alien. If option two is correct, he is a wizard who saw the future. Because, well, this happened:

There is a half to go, and the Titans very well could win this one. But either outcome can't deny Mahomes is playing the position at a level it just hasn't been played at before.