Victory Tastes Like a Cheeseburger to Andy Reid

Brian Giuffra
Andy Reid wants a cheeseburger.
Andy Reid wants a cheeseburger. / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In the battle of postgame victory meals, I'm giving the edge to Chiefs coach Andy Reid over LSU coach Ed Orgeron because, while a ham sandwich after winning the national championship sounds tasty, a cheeseburger really quells the appetite.

It seems like the postgame meal question is becoming more prominent in the media these days. Orgeron said on the Scott Van Pelt show that he ate a ham sandwich after LSU completed its undefeated season with a win against Clemson. Reid revealed he crushed a cheeseburger to celebrate his second Super Bowl berth as a head coach.

No word yet on what the winning coach will eat post-Super Bowl, but I'm guessing it'll be wings. After all, over one billion are consumed on the Sunday of the Super Bowl. At least a few should come from those competing.