Andy Katz Out at ESPN, and Other Big Name Layoffs Have Yet to Trickle Out

Ryan Glasspiegel

The ESPN layoffs Wednesday were brutal, and became the biggest story in sports. The network had the unfortunate distinction of trending on social media all day as the names of people you have seen on TV daily or weekly for years trickled out.

But it’s not over.

Several very well-known NBA and NFL reporters/talking heads were let go, but they did not announce it on social media. One of them is long term company guy Andy Katz, who had covered college basketball at the network since 2000. His colleague, Seth Greenberg, released the news.

The sports hit hardest were clearly hockey, college basketball, college football, MLB and the NBA, but there are some NFL names that will presumably be released in the coming days.

In what felt like a bizarre occurrence yesterday, some of the names being let go had recently signed multi-year deals. Why not keep them aboard until their contracts expire, and then not renew?

This is not a story that is just going to go away, even with an event as big as the NFL Draft commencing this evening.

UPDATE: Andy Katz has announced his departure from ESPN: