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Andy Katz Wants Syracuse Fans to Know His Feud With Jim Boeheim Ended Years Ago

Ryan Phillips
Andy Katz
Andy Katz /

Andy Katz was a guest on Titus & Tate Friday and was asked about Jim Boeheim's recent spat with a reporter. Katz famously faced Boeheim's rage back in 2013, so he knows a thing or two about dealing with it and gave some good insight. Most of all, though, he just wants Syracuse fans to realize he and Boeheim buried the hatchet years ago.

Katz compared the way some Syracuse fans treat him to isolated Japanese soldiers who didn't know World War II had ended and continued to fight on. He claims that to this day he still gets emails from disgruntled Orange fans taking shots at him.

Here's the segment:

So yeah Syracuse fans, leave Andy Katz alone!

As a refresher, here's Boeheim taking aim at Katz back in 2013:

I remember watching that press conference and feeling incredibly uncomfortable. But this is Boeheim's thing. It seems he has a major blowup with a reporter at least once a year. We should stop pretending to be surprised by these interactions when they happen.