Why Did the FOX NFL Graphic Team Give Andy Dalton Brown Hair?

Liam McKeone
Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The FOX NFL creative team has been working overtime all season to pump out insane player graphics to show during broadcasts. The caricatures of these players, often significantly more muscular than they are in real life and extremely animated, have been a source of great amusement and entertainment for all of us viewers. Which means they did their job right.

They tripped up this week, however. FOX showed off the graphics for the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Football Team during their Thanksgiving Day matchup. Andy Dalton, starting for the Cowboys today, was featured, naturally. But... they missed on the most notorious physical attribute Dalton has: his hair!

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but I mean the guy was nicknamed the Red Rifle for years in Cincinnati. He's arguably as known for his rash of bright red hair than he is his actual quarterbacking skills. It is not often a blazing ginger ends up a professional athlete, and it's even less often that any NFL player becomes notorious for their hair since, ya know, helmets and everything. But Dalton managed and FOX still missed on it.

Again, not trying to pick on the individuals responsible for pumping out these cartoons on a weekly basis. But this was a blown layup.