Andy Dalton Doesn't Have to Smell or Taste to Start for the Cowboys

Brian Giuffra
Andy Dalton smiling.
Andy Dalton smiling. / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Andy Dalton returns to the Cowboys starting lineup today devoid of two key senses when it comes to being a sommelier but apparently not playing quarterback in the NFL.

Dalton, who has missed the Cowboys' last two games because of a concussion the first time and then because he contracted COVID the second, revealed that he still can not taste or smell. He will still start today despite this common side effect of the disease still impacting him.

In some ways, not being able to smell is a good thing in football. You get on the bottom of one of those big-boy dogpiles and you'd prefer not to smell the jockstraps and body odor surrounding you.

Conversely, I imagine losing any sense is a little discombobulating. I've never experienced the loss of smell and/or taste before but, at minimum, it would take some getting used to.

The Cowboys offense has struggled since Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury and Dalton has been substandard in two starts, throwing 1 TD and 3 INTs and leading the Cowboys offense to just 13 points in those games. He hasn't played since October 25 and faces a tough challenge in his return against an upstart Vikings team. His sense of smell and taste shouldn't impact him too much, but at least if he stinks he won't have to smell it.