Andrew Yang is Not Wearing a Tie

Kyle Koster

Andrew Yang is apparently running for president. I know this because he’s one of the 20 people who have scuffled on stage for the Democratic debates the past two days and they wouldn’t let someone who wasn’t running for the highest office on stage, would they? Surely there’s a sheet or a chart or something aimed at quality control.

Anyway, Yang, who again aspires to be president, has rocked the nation (or about half of it) to the core by eschewing the traditional wardrobe for such an event.

Here’s Yang, sans tie, giving a thumbs-up to the crowd.

Amazing stuff. Look, as stated, I know nothing about the man or his policies. What I do know is that he’s bold enough to refuse to wear a tie on the biggest night of his life.

This is either brilliant or insane. Possibly both.

Is America ready for a Casual Friday president? I have no idea but dammit if I’m moderately excited to find out.