With Knicks and Nets Eliminated, New York Politicians Must Now Purchase Baseball Gear

Bill de Blasio wearing a Mike Piazza jersey.
Bill de Blasio wearing a Mike Piazza jersey. / Al Bello/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets have been officially eliminated from the 2021 NBA Playoffs. The Nets will now watch the rest of the posteseason from the couch just like the crosstown New York Knicks who were knocked out in the first round. It's a sad day for New York City basketball and an even sadder one for politicians looking to capitalize on the local teams' on-court success and cultural relevance.

NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was outside Barclays on Sunday getting hype with young voters. Yang has been a big Nets fan ever since he abandoned the Knicks. At least until he went back to the Knicks.

Either way, the Mets are currently leading the NL East so expect Yang and Mr. Met to get together real soon. Opponent Eric Adams is also a fan.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will also need to find a new rooting interest to awkwardly project during press conferences.de Blasio called out Trae Youngbefore the Hawks eliminated the Knicks. He also donned some Nets gear - including a James Harden jersey - about a month ago.

Luckily for de Blasio, he's on his way out of office because he is is a Red Sox fan, which you would think makes someone unelectable in New York.