VIDEO: Andrew Yang Plays Basketball Like Steve Martin in 'Father of the Bride'

Kyle Koster
Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Third Debate In Houston
Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Third Debate In Houston / Win McNamee/Getty Images

Andrew Yang is running for president. He has some interesting ideas, the most important one being that it's not always necessary to wear a tie. He also reads sports blogs, which is a major point in his favor. But, as always with these scouting reports, there's no need to get overly political.

My kink is breaking down game film of our nation's power brokers playing sports. And, by the letter of the law, the Democratic hopefully played some basketball last night.

The first thing that stands up is his unique post moves. Yang backs his defender down like Steve Martin playing basketball in the driveway during Father of the Bride. The footwork is sloppy, yet effective.

Don't believe me? Eat your heart out.

While his staccato style isn't poetic, it makes blocking his shot difficult. Is it going to come from a nice release point or is it going to come from some nonsense angle? No one knows.

Yang deserves points for his glass-work. He may want to make sure banks do the right thing, but as you can see, he wants them to stay open for business.

The elbow jumper was flat as the Iowa corn, but much like the primary, Yang was delighted to see his score jump two points. The peanut gallery sure loved it. Pure walk-on getting a bucket in garbage time WOOing right there.

In short, this is some pretty fine basketball-playing by the would-be ruling class. Yang has proven, if this whole run doesn't work out, there's always a chance of being a bench guy at Chelsea Piers.