Andrew Yang Shoots the Rock Like Sandy 'Raindrops' Lyle on New York City Blacktop

Kyle Koster

Being a very simple and unserious person, there are few things in life that bring me more joy than seeing a politician participating in athletics. If a clip of Bernie Sanders swinging a softball bat or banking in overhead shots on a makeshift hoop appears on the internet, you can rest assured that I viewed it 30 times within the hour. When Jon Tester obliterated his fellow senator Cory Booker with some Bad Boys-era physicality, footage was aggregated onto The Big Lead with unusual haste.

It is a matter of personal and professional pride.

So you can imagine the ferocity with which the Bat Signal went off around these parts after someone recorded New York City mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang shooting the rock at a local park. And not shooting it particularly well.

Poor Yang. It is not an easy task to go from business casual to the midrange game. Everyone knows how hard those first couple shots are before warming up and getting acclimated to the shooting backdrop. Generally a losing proposition.

Here's some positive spin on Yang. Everything about him suggests he's going to be a real max-effort player. Not afraid to set screens and go the extra mile on defense. There's a earnestness about his game. Which is something.

He may never be a reliable focal point of an offense but as far as politicians go, you could do worse in terms of fourth- or fifth options.