Andrew Wiggins Against James Harden is Why the Cavs Should Have Kept Him

Andrew Wiggins Blocks James Harden, Runs Floor For And1 Dunk
Andrew Wiggins Blocks James Harden, Runs Floor For And1 Dunk / The Cauldron

Andrew Wiggins celebrated his 20th birthday Monday by scoring 30 points against the Rockets in another Minnesota loss. Forgot the loss – look at these highlights and tell me Wiggins isn’t going to be a star. Above, we have Wiggins going toe-to-toe with the possibly MVP this season (James Harden, who had a 31-11-10 triple double in the game), and then blocking his shot. But no celebrating – he leaks to the other end and gets a dunk.

This is some advanced stuff for a 20-year old rookie, one who supposedly entered the league without a jumper. Remember all those folks who said Wiggins couldn’t shoot? Well 43 percent from the field and 35 percent from three on an awful team through 55 games isn’t bad at all. When LeBron entered the NBA at 19 and starred on a terrible Cleveland team, he shot 41/29. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wiggins end up right around there. You shouldn’t have traded him, Cleveland.

The big question – will Wiggins be able to make that leap in his sophomore year like LeBron did (to 47 percent, and he’s been going up since, except that he’s dropped back to 48 this year).

If LeBron sees these, expect him to fire off another subtweet about Kevin Love.

But GM Charles Barkley said Andrew Wiggins wasn’t ready to play against grown men? Huh. [Video via CJ, Vines via Evan]

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