Andrew Marchand Leaving ESPN to Become New York Post Sports Media Columnist


ESPN senior writer Andrew Marchand is returning to the New York Post to become the paper’s sports media columnist, he announced Friday on Twitter. Marchand spent nine years at the Post before joining ESPN in 2007, primarily on the New York Yankees beat.

In a December 2016 interview with -30- Letter, Marchand said:

As far as what I enjoyed about the experience, I just have a real passion for sports media. I enjoy writing about what viewers can’t see by talking to people behind the scenes.

The one thing that I think has been lost in terms of sports media coverage, you are not only writing about people on sports TV, but you are writing about sports. For example, millions of people watch NFL games and have big opinions on the broadcasters because it impacts how they enjoy their teams.  I think that is sometimes lost when some in media think it is just navel-gazing. There is more to it.

That said, when I covered sports media, I often said that if you took one job off the face of the Earth and it would still spin on its axis at the same speed, it would have been mine. I wrote about the people who were talking about the people playing sports. I loved it for some unexplainable reason.

Seems like a good fit, transitioning from covering one evil empire to another.