Andrew Cuomo: I Want to Watch the Buffalo Bills

Liam McKeone
Andrew Cuomo and his beloved Bills
Andrew Cuomo and his beloved Bills /

We've now gotten to the point in the coronavirus timeline where most states across the country have begun to unfold their reopening plans, many of which will come in phases. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo discussed his state's plan in his daily briefing today. Cuomo encouraged sports teams to begin planning to hold games without fans, and said New York will be a willing partner to help them put on games despite empty stadiums.

He also said, from a personal standpoint, that he just wants to watch his Buffalo Bills.

Cuomo was quick to point out that his desire to watch the Bills won't affect his judgement on a larger scale of the situation, which is how everyone should be handling it.

After two months and change of no live sports, I'd probably give up a substantial pack of toilet paper (remember that whole thing?) to watch Josh Allen overthrow his receivers, just like Cuomo. Although a lifetime of Bills fandom would help explain Cuomo's no-nonsense persona. A Bills fan has no place to hide from the cruel realities of the world, and nothing hardens the heart like four straight Super Bowl losses.

Here's hoping Cuomo gets his wish.