Mike Florio and Andrew Brandt in Good Old-Fashioned Twitter Tiff Over NFLPA

Ryan Glasspiegel
Super Bowl XLVIII NFLPA Press Conference
Super Bowl XLVIII NFLPA Press Conference / Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

As we've documented over the years, Mike Florio is no stranger to Twitter tiffs. Today's episode took place with Andrew Brandt, a former Packers executive and NFL agent who now covers sports business for Sports Illustrated and is an executive at VaynerSports.

The tiff emanated from a column Florio wrote on PFT wondering aloud if players like Richard Sherman, Eric Reid, and Russell Okung are mounting a coup against NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, and if Brandt is angling for a leadership role with the NFLPA as he writes that they should not take the CBA deal the NFL currently has on the table.

About Brandt, Florio wrote:

"So, frankly, it’s starting to feel a little like a coup. Take out the CBA, and then the executive director necessarily will be taken out. And Russell Okung or some other opponent of the CBA can then install SI.com’s Andrew Brandt as the executive director, and maybe Geragos & Geragos can supplant Jeffrey Kessler as primary outside counsel."

And then the Twitter back-and-forth occurred:

Whose side are you on?